How credentials work


Encamp requires your state portal credentials to streamline your environmental compliance reporting process. By securely storing and using these credentials, Encamp can import previous year submissions and submit new reports on your behalf, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.

Why Encamp Needs Your Credentials

Encamp needs your state portal credentials to:

  • Import prior year submissions into the Encamp platform

  • Submit prepared reports and notifications to state portals

This integration simplifies your compliance reporting process by minimizing manual data transfer and ensuring accurate, timely reporting.

Providing Credentials to Encamp

During onboarding, your Customer Solutions Manager will request your existing portal credentials:

  1. Enter your credentials in the provided 'onboarder template' spreadsheet for all facilities associated with your Encamp account.

  2. Share the spreadsheet securely using a file-sharing service like Box or Google Drive. If necessary, email can be used as an alternative.

Credential Security in Encamp

Encamp prioritizes the security of your credentials, protecting your data both "in transit" and "at rest":

  • In Transit: Credentials are always transmitted over a secure channel when transferred into Encamp or accessed by our automation infrastructure.

  • At Rest: Stored credentials are securely encrypted in our database using 256-bit keys with the AES-GCM algorithm.

Encamp's commitment to information security is demonstrated by our SOC 2 Type 2 certification, awarded by external auditors since 2022.

Access to Credentials within Encamp

Access to your credentials within Encamp is strictly limited:

  • Services Team: Members have access to portal credentials solely for compliance-related actions during account implementation and report preparation/submission.

  • Engineering Team: Members may access credentials in specific circumstances, such as addressing customer-reported issues, conducting QA/QC tests, verifying credential validity, or accessing credentials via automation during submission and implementation.


What if I don't know my credentials?

  • Encamp has great relationships with most regulatory agencies and can help recover credentials or create new accounts, and move the sites to your new account. Inform your Customer Solutions Manager if you need assistance.

What if I'm uncomfortable providing credentials via email or shared file?

  • You can directly input credentials into the Encamp application, where they are immediately encrypted, instead of providing them in the onboarding template.

By securely managing your state portal credentials, Encamp streamlines your environmental compliance reporting process while prioritizing data security.