Understand the Products feature


Products are a powerful feature in Encamp designed to simplify the management of complex items in your chemical inventory. This article explains what products are and how to use them.

Some benefits of products include:

  1. Simplified Inventory: Count units instead of calculating chemical amounts

  2. Consistency: Ensure accurate reporting of chemical quantities across multiple items

  3. Time-saving: Reduce the time spent on manual calculations

  4. Error Reduction: Minimize the risk of calculation errors in your inventory

The Products feature needs to be enabled for your organization. If you'd like to start using Products to manage your inventory, please reach out to support@encamp.com.

What are Products?

Products in Encamp are groups of hazardous chemicals from your chemical catalog that are packaged into a single item. They allow you to manage these items in your chemical inventory just like individual chemicals, but with the added convenience of counting units rather than calculating chemical quantities.

Important Note: Products do not appear directly on Tier II reports. They are a tool for managing the inventory process. The component hazardous chemicals are what are ultimately reported on the Tier II report.

Example of a Product

Let's say your facility has installed a large-scale energy storage system using lithium-ion batteries. Here's how you might set this up as a product in Encamp:

  1. In your Chemical Catalog: You would have an entry for a single lithium-ion battery, which might weigh 50 pounds and contain:

    • Lithium cobalt oxide

    • Ethylene carbonate (electrolyte)

    • Graphite (anode)

  2. In your Product Catalog: You would create a product called "Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (LI-ESS)" which you specify consists of:

    • 2,000 pounds of lithium-ion batteries (40 batteries in the LI-ESS system x 50 pounds/battery)

  3. Managing in your Inventory: Instead of calculating the total pounds of lithium-ion batteries in your energy storage systems, you would simply count the number of LI-ESS units at your facility.

For instance, if your facility has 2 LI-ESS units installed, you would enter "2" when you inventory this product. Encamp would then automatically calculate the reportable chemical quantities of the hazardous material constituents.

Products in the Chemical Inventory

Once products are set up in your catalog, you can add them to your facility's inventory just like you would individual chemicals. Instead of entering chemical quantities, you'll enter the number of product units present at your facility.

Products can be used with both Aggregate Mode and Measurement Mode.