Which states require SDSs and Site Maps?

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Many states require facilities to submit Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and/or Site Maps with their annual Tier II report. The table below summarizes these requirements for each state that have been gathered by researching available regulations, state guidance documents, and conversations with regulatory agencies.

When available, the table also provides links to state guidance regarding site map requirements.

State-by-State Tier II Reporting Requirements
State Requires SDSs* Requires Site Maps
Alabama No No
Alaska No Yes (see State FAQ)
Arizona No No
Arkansas No No
California No Yes [see §25505(a)(2)]
Colorado No No
Connecticut No No
Delaware No Yes (see page 33)
Florida No No
Georgia No No
Hawaii No Yes [see §11-453-29(b)]
Idaho No Yes**
Illinois Yes Yes (see State Guidance)
Indiana No Yes (see State Guidance)
Iowa No No
Kansas No No
Kentucky Yes No
Louisiana No No
Maine No No
Maryland No No
Massachusetts No No
Michigan No No
Minnesota No No
Mississippi No Yes (see State Guidance)
Missouri No Yes**
Montana No No
Nebraska No No
Nevada No No
New Hampshire No No
New Jersey No No
New Mexico Yes Yes**
New York No No
North Carolina Yes No
North Dakota No Yes**
Ohio No Yes****
Oklahoma No No
Oregon Yes No
Pennsylvania Yes Yes (see State Guidance)
Rhode Island Yes Yes**
South Carolina No No
South Dakota No No
Tennessee No No
Texas No No
Utah No No
Vermont No No
Virginia No No
Washington No No
West Virginia No Yes (see State Guidance)
Wisconsin No Yes (see page 6)
Wyoming No No

* The SDS requirement for states only applies to chemicals for which an SDS was never previously submitted. If an SDS has previously been submitted for a chemical in a previous report, then an additional submission is not required.

** Indicates states where there is no additional guidance publicly available, but where Encamp has written confirmation from the state regulatory body that a site map is required.

***File Formats for T2M States: DE & PA- pdf or tif/ IL- jpg, bmp, or gif/ MN,WV,ND- Any type/ MI, OR- Recommends PDF/ KY,MD,MA,NV,WI- Doesn't specify. IN- (Image Files Only)bmp, png, jpeg, or jpg 

****Ohio requires a site map when the facility is new and after 3 years of using the same one.

Current as of November 2022

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