Encamp Platform FAQ

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Below are some frequently asked questions about the Encamp platform, data security, and liability.


  • What is Encamp's security like?

    Security is at the top of the list of all things we do here at Encamp. We are building our solutions on the most reliable, scalable, and secure cloud computing technologies while employing policies and procedures which mitigate risk.

    Because Encamp is a web-based platform running on cloud infrastructure, no part of Encamp will ever be installed on your computer. Encamp is built on systems hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the best-in-class cloud infrastructure provider. Our application follows best practices outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), which includes everything from storing only salted hashes of passwords to encrypting all data at rest and in transit.

    Cloud software is at least as secure, and usually more secure, than software installed on your own computer. You can't forget to update it with the latest security patches; that happens automatically. And it supports sharing resources with your team natively within the platform, so you don't have to use email, which is fundamentally insecure.

  • How much cloud storage is available on the Encamp platform?

    We do not currently have any storage limits on the platform.

  • What types of file formats can you upload into Encamp? Can I upload Powerpoint or videos?

    We do not have any restrictions on the file types that you can upload into Encamp.

  • Can I add international facilities to the platform?

    Yes, you can manually add international facilities and create all regulatory requirements as Custom Events.

  • Does Encamp have a mobile app?

    Encamp does not currently have a mobile app. However, with it being cloud-based, Encamp can be accessed from any device.

  • Does Encamp have access to my data?

    Access to facility information is limited to our Senior Software Engineers and Environmental Scientists who may need to see the data for support purposes. All data changes are stored in an audit log where we can see what changed and who changed it - including if it was an Encamp staff member or automated process. Encamp will only change your data if you've expressly asked us to do so.


Last Modified: 8/4/21

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