Merging Contacts

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This video will walk you through the use case for merging contacts in the Tier II section of the EPCRA Module.

Have you ever logged into a state Tier II portal and seen the same contact listed multiple times with slightly different info? Have you ever had turnover in a role and had to change the same contact info over and over again on every single one of your reports? What if the Tier II Information contact on all your reports left the company? Imagine how mind-numbing this is. 

The Contact Merge feature in the Encamp platform is going to make the above scenarios much easier for you by reducing the amount of redundant data entry you'd normally have to do and streamlining your process.

Note: You can only merge two contacts, or you can replace a contact with an existing user. You cannot merge two Encamp users together. 



Last Modified: 10/26/21


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