Merging Products in the Product Catalog

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In this article, we will demonstrate how to merge together duplicate products in your Product Catalog.

Imagine this scenario. You manage Tier II reporting for multiple sites in multiple states. You report the same diesel fuel at all those locations. Prior to Encamp, you had been completing your Tier II reports with the status quo - using the various state portals, having facilities confirm their product inventories, and manually updating changes to chemicals on a site level. 

How have you been able to ensure you are reporting that diesel fuel consistently across all your locations?

The answer's challenging, to say the least.  You may find when reviewing your Product Catalog in Encamp for the first time, items are showing up a few times because of reporting inconsistencies. Merging products in the Encamp Product Catalog will allow you to take control of how you are reporting your products and ensure consistency between all your facilities. Watch the video below to see how this functionality works. 

Merging products will impact any associated Tier II report that the merged product is listed on across the organization



Last Modified: 9/14/22

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