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This video will walk you through the facility overview page. We also demonstrate how to edit basic facility information.

Within the newly designed Facility Overview tab, Encamp users are provided with an at-a-glance overview of their facility. The left side navigation pane includes general facility information as well as several tabs that provide additional information. The tabs that are visible depends on the Encamp modules your facility subscribes to. As you click the tabs, the information in the center of the screen will change. All users will see the following tabs:

  • Overview: provides you with a snapshot of upcoming events from your compliance calendar, a list of government identifiers for the facility, and a map showing the facilities general location. 
  • Contacts: provides a snapshot of contacts associated with the facility organized by the Program Area they are responsible for. 
  • Documents: a list of any records that are associated with the facility. For customer using the Tier II Reporting module, this is where you can find copies of previously submitted Tier II reports. 
  • Activity Timeline: Captures all changes made to the facility across all related modules.

The Facility Overview also provides a facility map and the ability to edit your facility information. When you click Edit, you'll be able to change facility information, such as address, name, and government identifiers. Government identifiers are not restricted to state or federal government issued identifiers and may include internal identifiers and various permit numbers. Happy Encamping! 


Last Modified: 6/12/21



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