STEERS and CERS Authorizations

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Encamp will request access to your facilities in California and Texas' Tier II portals. Below are the instructions for approving access.

STEERS (Texas) - For those with existing access

Note: This section assumes that you have access to your organization within STEERS. If you do not yet have access to your organization, jump to this section.

Encamp needs your organization's CN and RN numbers to find your facilities in STEERS and start the process. We will request access to your CN number(s) from our Encamp STEERS account(s) and complete and submit the necessary STEERS Participation Agreement (SPA). Once the SPA is complete, the user account with Primary access connected to the account will need to log into STEERS and authorize Encamp's access. To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Once logged into STEERS, click on Tier II Reporting (TIERII) under "Select Program Area." 


2. Once in the Tier II reporting portal, find the navigation menu on the left side that looks like this:


3. Select the last option in the menu that says "Auth Users for Acct." 


4. This opens the Authorized Users for an Account management dashboard. Find the Encamp user(s) requesting access to your account (the accounts will have an email address), select the box to the left of it, and click "Authorize Users." 


5. Once Encamp is authorized, we have the requisite access to import your data and submit reports. 


STEERS (Texas) - For those needing access

A prerequisite for approving Encamp access into STEERS so that we can file reports for you is that you yourself need to have access.

To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Once logged into STEERS, click on My Account from the top menu.


2. From within the STEERS Access section, click Tier II Reporting. If you do not see Tier II Reporting, you will have to select it from the dropdown next to Select STEERS Program to Add or Modify.


3. At the bottom of the page, click the Add IDs button.

4. Complete the next page by using the guidance below:

  • Access Type
    • Tier II Reporting Primary - Selecting this option will both allow you access and allow you to approve Encamp access.
  • What is the best description of your employer's relationship to the facility or facilities?
    • Parent Company - Most likely, you will select this option.
    • The Facility - If you are only associated with a single reporting facility (and not the parent company, for example), then select this option.
  • Who is authorizing the access?
    • Select this option: I, XXXXX, am applying for a sign and submit role and have the authority to enter into this Agreement for the Company under the applicable standards referred to in 40 CFR 370.42(a).
  • Enter the CN (CN+9 digits) for the Tier II account
    • Enter the CN number associated with the organization you are trying to get access to.

5. On the next page, click “Confirm Add”, then on the top menu, click “Account Summary” to return to the main page

6. You will now need to complete a STEERS Participation Agreement (SPA).

  • If you are a Texas resident, you can click E-sign SPA and follow the prompts to enter your drivers license and instantly gain access. At this point, you are complete!
  • If you are not a Texas resident, you need to send in a paper SPA. Click Paper SPA at the top, and then the Generate a SPA button to generate a custom authorization request.

7. Print the paper, sign the bottom and then mail the paper to the mailing address listed at the top.

  • NOTE: Do not send in the SPA via USPS certified mail. You can use regular USPS priority mail

8. Within a week or two after sending in the SPA, TCEQ will process the paperwork and you should receive an email stating that you now have access to the account.

9. You can now follow the steps in the above section to grant access to Encamp.


CERS (California)

For California, the easiest way for us to find your facility and link to it is by providing your facility's CERS ID. Your CERS ID can be located in CERS in your facility list. If you're not sure what your CERS ID is, we can also search by address. Once we log in and request access to your facilities, an email will be sent to the "Lead User" on the account. The "Lead User" will need to:

1. Log into CERS and hover over "My Business" and click on "Manage People."


2. The lead user will see a similar menu (below). Encamp users will need access as an Approver in order to submit on the facility's behalf. Once Approver is selected, click save and Encamp will have access. 



Last Updated: October 2022

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