Glossary of terms


This resource is designed to help you navigate the various concepts, features, and regulatory terms used throughout our platform and knowledge base. Most definitions will contain links for you to learn about the term in more detail.



A distinct functional section within the Encamp platform, such as the Chemicals module or the Insights module, each focusing on specific aspects of environmental compliance management.

Facility Profile


Refers to multiple facilities operating at the same physical location, often sharing resources or management but potentially having separate regulatory obligations.

Facility Profile

A comprehensive set of information about a specific facility in Encamp, including administrative details, operational status, and compliance-related data. (Read more)

Local Agencies

Regulatory bodies at the city or county level that may have specific environmental compliance requirements for facilities in their jurisdiction. In most cases, this would refer to the Local Emergency Planning Committee and the Fire Department.

State Information

Additional data fields or requirements specific to a state's environmental regulations that facilities must provide or comply with.

Chemicals Module

Aggregate Mode

An inventory management approach in Encamp where chemical quantities are entered as a single set of values representing the entire reporting year, suitable for facilities with relatively stable inventories. (Read more)


(Hazardous Materials Business Plan) A report required in California that contains detailed information about the use, storage, and handling of hazardous materials at a facility, as well as other facility activities. (Read more)

Measurement Mode

An inventory management approach in Encamp where chemical quantities are recorded as individual measurements throughout the year, allowing for more detailed tracking of inventory changes. (Read more)

Insights Module


(Enforcement and Compliance History Online) A publicly available EPA database providing information about environmental compliance and enforcement for regulated facilities. ECHO data is integrated within an organization's Insights dashboard.


A feature in Encamp that integrates data from external databases (like ECHO, RCRAInfo, and NPDES) to provide a more comprehensive view of a facility's compliance status. (Read more)


(Facility Registry Service) An EPA program that provides a centrally managed database of environmental information about facilities across various regulatory programs.


A national database and management system that supports the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) program through tracking of events and activities related to hazardous waste handlers. RCRAInfo data is integrated within an organization's Insights dashboard.


(National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) A permit program that addresses water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into U.S. waters. NPDES data is integrated within an organization's Insights dashboard.