Facilities Overview


Encamp's facility management system organizes your environmental data around Facilities, using a facility-centric data model. This approach means that when the attributes of a physical, real-world facility change, such as a phone number or facility closure, the information is automatically reflected across all reporting deliverables. The key benefit of this model is that facility information only needs to be maintained in one place, the Facility Profile.

What is the Facility Profile?

The Facility Profile is a centralized hub that aggregates essential information about a facility and its environmental programs, including:

  • Physical location

  • Contact details

  • Regulatory agencies

  • Government identifiers

  • Associated Contacts, Reports, Tasks, and Records

Accessing Facility-Related Information

From the facility view, you can access all Encamp elements connected with that facility:

  • Insights (ECHO, RCRA, NPDES): View enforcement and compliance details about the facility in EPA's ECHO database (Note: Requires the Insights module to be enabled for the organization, and appropriate government IDs to be added in the facility profile)

  • Contacts: View and manage contacts associated with the facility

  • Documents: Access documents related to the facility

  • Credentials: Manage credentials for reporting

For detailed instructions on updating a facility's information, please refer to the Update a Facility's Information article.

Benefits of Facility-Centric Data Management

Organizing environmental data around facilities offers several benefits:

  • Centralized Information: Facility Profiles provide a single source of truth for each facility's environmental data, making it easier to manage and maintain accurate information.

  • Consistency Across Reports: Updates made in the Facility Profile are automatically reflected in associated reports, ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Streamlined Data Management: By centralizing facility information, Encamp simplifies the process of managing environmental data across multiple facilities and reports.


Suppose you update the Mailing Address in your Facility Profile. This change will automatically update the Mailing Address in any unsubmitted Tier II reports associated with that facility. Conversely, if you update a field in a Tier II report, such as the NAICS code, the change will be reflected in the corresponding Facility Profile.