Working with the Product Catalog


Products in Encamp are a powerful tool designed to simplify the management of complex items in your chemical inventory. It allows you to create, edit, and organize products - which are hazardous chemicals that are grouped together to simplify the inventory process.

Adding a Product

  1. Navigate to the Product Catalog from within the Chemicals module.

  2. Click Add Product

  3. Enter a name for the product.

    Note: This name is for internal reference only and does not appear on any regulatory reports.

  4. Click Add Chemical and add all components that make up this product.

    • Select the weight, Storage Type, Pressure, and Temperature of the chemical being added, not the product. These may differ from the product's characteristics. For example, if your product is a "Propane-Powered Forklift" with two propane tanks:

      • Weight: 140 pounds (70 pounds per cylinder x 2 cylinders)

      • Storage Type: Cylinder (how the propane is stored)

      • Pressure: Greater than ambient pressure

      • Temperature: Ambient Temperature

  5. Click Save

Edit a Product or its Chemicals

  1. Navigate to the Product Catalog from within the Chemicals module.

  2. Use the search bar and filters to find the product you want to edit

  3. Click on the row of the product

  4. Make changes to the product name, edit any added chemicals (by clicking the row of the chemical), or add a new chemical

  5. Click Save

Using Products in the Inventory

Once products are set up in your catalog, you can add them to your facility's inventory just like you would individual chemicals. Instead of entering chemical quantities, you'll enter the number of product units present at your facility.

Click here to learn how to use products in your facility inventory.