Latest Updates


July 2, 2024

We're excited to announce a major update to the Encamp platform, bringing significant improvements to enhance your environmental compliance management experience!

Here's what's new:

Platform-Wide Revamp

We've completely overhauled the Encamp user interface, making it:

  • Faster: Enjoy quicker load times and smoother navigation

  • More intuitive: Find what you need with ease thanks to our redesigned layout

New Chemicals Module Features

  1. Year-round Chemical Inventory Management
    We've introduced two powerful modes to help you maintain your facilities' chemical inventories throughout the year:

    • Aggregate Mode: Simplify your inventory management with a single, editable snapshot of your chemical quantities for the entire reporting year.

    • Measurement Mode: Track detailed, time-based inventory changes by recording multiple measurements throughout the year.

    Both modes automatically calculate reporting thresholds and flag compliance issues, helping you stay prepared for Tier II reporting season.

  2. Products Feature
    Products are items at your facility that are easy to count but are made up of one or more hazardous chemicals. Our new Products feature is perfect for managing items like batteries that are present at your facility.

    • Simplify the data collection process by counting products instead of hazardous chemical amounts

    • Automatically convert product quantities to reportable chemical amounts and integrate it into your final Tier II report

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the Encamp platform to meet your environmental compliance needs!