Intro to Tasks


The Tasks feature in Encamp is a powerful tool designed to help organizations stay on top of their environmental compliance obligations. This article provides an overview of the Tasks functionality and how it can benefit an organization's EHS program.

Tasks reduces the risk of missed deadlines and increases visibility across your organization's EHS activities. It also supports audit readiness by maintaining a comprehensive record of completed tasks and associated documentation.

What are Tasks?

Tasks in Encamp represent various EHS obligations crucial for maintaining compliant facilities. These can include:

  • Routine inspections

  • Regulatory reporting deadlines

  • Permit renewals

  • Training sessions

  • Equipment maintenance

Key Features

  1. Customization: Each task can be tailored to your specific needs:

    • One-time or recurring schedules

    • Assigned responsible person

    • Optional "Watcher" for progress notifications

    • Associated records (e.g., completed inspection forms)

  2. Email Notifications: System to keep assignees and watchers informed about tasks.

  3. Filtering and Search: Easily locate tasks using filters such as name, facility, due date, status, and assignee.

  4. Subtasks: Complex obligations (such as permit renewals) can be broken down into manageable steps.

  5. Document Attachment: Add relevant documents or links to tasks for reference or record-keeping. Any attachments are integrated into the organization's Documents repository.

Accessing Tasks

Tasks can be accessed directly through the left-hand navigation panel:

The Tasks functionality is part of Encamp's core platform, so all organizations will always have access.

User Permissions

Task management capabilities vary based on user roles:

  • Super Admin and All Facilities User: Full access to create, delete, view, edit, upload documents, and complete tasks for all facilities.

  • Facility User: Can view, edit, upload documents, and complete tasks for assigned facilities.

  • EHS Field User: Limited to viewing, uploading documents, and completing tasks for assigned facilities.

Read more about Roles and Permissions.

Email Notifications

Tasks includes an email notification system to keep team members informed about task statuses. The system sends two types of emails: digest emails and individual task emails.

Digest emails consolidate information about multiple tasks into a single message, reducing the volume of emails for both assignees and watchers. These digests cover upcoming task reminders and overdue tasks.

Individual task emails are sent immediately when a specific action occurs, such as task completion, and are typically sent only to watchers.

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