Getting started with the Chemicals module


The Chemicals module is a key component of the Encamp platform, and has been designed to simplify your organization's EPCRA compliance obligations. By using the Chemicals module, you can:

The Chemicals module is tightly integrated with other parts of the core Encamp platform, such as Facilities, Contacts, Documents, and Credentials. For example, when changes are made to a contact within a Tier II report, your organization's universal contact library is also updated.

Access the Chemicals module

To access the Chemicals module for your organization, click Chemicals from the left-hand menu.

Note: The Chemicals module must be enabled for your organization to access this functionality.

Sections of the Chemicals module

The Chemicals module consists of three main sections: Reports, Inventory, and Chemical Catalog. Each section can be accessed from the top navigation bar.

Note: Only the reports and inventories for facilities that you have access to will be shown. Learn more about user roles and permissions.


This screen will show all reports for active facilities in your organization. By default, only the reports for the current reporting year are shown, but this can be customized by using the search bar or adjusting the filters.

The reports shown include the following report types:


The Inventory screen provides a view of a facility's current chemical inventory, allowing you to manage and track both what chemicals are onsite and how much of each is onsite.

You can easily add new chemicals to the facility inventory, update existing quantities, and get a quick preview of what your Tier II report would look like based on the current inventory.

When it's time for annual Tier II reporting, the information from a facility's Inventory is automatically used to accurately populate the chemical inventory in the report.

Learn more about how to make the most of the Inventory feature.

Chemical Catalog

The Chemical Catalog screen is a hub for managing your organization's entire chemical inventory across all facilities. This tool allows you to maintain a comprehensive list of all chemicals and products used throughout your organization. The catalog serves as a single source of truth for chemical data, storing general information like mixture components, hazards, and Safety Data Sheets.

When Encamp generates your Tier II or other EPCRA reports, it pulls the necessary details about each reported chemical directly from the Chemical Catalog. This ensures consistent reporting across all your facilities and states, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies.

Click here to learn more about managing your organization's Chemical Catalog.

Using the Chemicals module: A practical scenario

Let's walk through a common scenario to illustrate how the Chemicals module simplifies compliance management:

Imagine a facility decides to bring a large propane tank on-site for heating purposes. Using the Chemicals module, a facility manager can easily manage this new addition to their chemical inventory and ensure proper reporting.

  • First, they would access the Chemical Catalog within the module to add propane if it's not already listed. They can quickly upload the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for propane, and the system will automatically extract key information like chemical properties and hazard classifications.

  • Next, in the Inventory section, they would record the quantity of propane brought on-site and the date it arrived. Throughout the year, they can easily update the quantity as the propane is used or refilled, maintaining an accurate record of the chemical's presence at the facility.

  • When it's time for Tier II reporting, the facility manager can initiate a new report directly from the Reports section of the Chemicals module. Encamp automatically includes the propane in the report, along with any other chemicals tracked in the inventory. The system calculates whether the propane meets reporting thresholds based on the quantities recorded and the facility's location.

    • If needed, the facility manager can assign the draft report to a colleague for review, all within the same module. Once reviewed, they can submit the Tier II report directly through Encamp, which handles the distribution to the appropriate state and local authorities.

This entire process - from adding a new chemical to submitting the final report - can be completed efficiently within the Chemicals module, significantly reducing the time and effort required for compliance management.